208K lb of fuel enough to get an A330 from JNB to SAN?

At the moment I’m in a situation where the ETE to dest says 18:49 and the fuel remaining time is 13:00. I put in 208K lbs of fuel to travel from JNB-SAN but I’m not sure if thats enough, the distance is 8900NM.

Update… I’ve ran the route through simBrief and it says est flt. time will be 20:48, 20:33 of fuel was put in, but simbreif also said that the blockfuel should be 178K lbs when I have 208K, I’m gonna continue flying, i’m not off the coast of SA yet but I think i’ll be able to land with close to or under 1,000 pounds of fuel.

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Were you climbing when you gave us the fuel ete

No, crusing.

Remember, Infinite Flight fuel times are estimates.

You don’t use as much fuel when you’re descending and your engines are at idle.

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I figure this is whats going to save me.

What’s your initial cruise altitude?

Was going to be FL330 but I ended the flight when I declared it impossible.

For Long Distance Flights, you take off heavy… during your flught, you burn fuel, so you get lighter, and your fuel flow gets smaller… for me, I always start with less fuel than ETE, but it sorts itself out during the flight usually

I’m sure I could have made it to PHX but the more I thought on it the flight would have been very very stressful, and I’m already going through enough as it is so I began a new one. I will be trying this flight again though

At that weight I would have gone FL300 for initial altitude, and step climb 2000ft every 4-5 hours or so…

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Do you have passengers or cargo onboard?

No, when do ultra long hauls, I never put passengers and cargo.

I did otherwise I see no point

That’s true, I think you have not enough fuel then to reach your destination.

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