208 caravan too big

I’ve noticed recently that the 208 is too big for ga gates and is unable to spawn. Did it change in 19.4?


It might be a technical problem in that case. You can always try reinstalling Infinite Flight and if it doesn’t work, you can then post in #support and someone can help you.

Believed this is already being investigated.

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I fly the C208 a lot and this is new problem with 19.4. This weekend I attended an event that I signed up for before 19.4. I was assigned a GA slot, but when I tried to spawn in the C208 was too big for that slot. I had to search the airfield for a slot big enough. I know in the past there have been a number of complaints about big planes spawning into small slots. The C208 just got caught up in the solution.

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There is a known issue with gate restrictions since 19.4.
See this topic Can’t spawn in my local airport now since 19.4

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Oh okay, too bad i got this info after reinstalling the app and losing a year of replays XD

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That’s sucks. Sorry the info didn’t come quicker.

I have the same issue with my local airport (EGJJ) sure it will get fixed asap :)

It’s the same for me, so many airports I can’t spawn into now that I used before, airports such as EGHI and CYTZ which more or less only get flights on the Q400 can no longer allow it to spawn in. Clearly lack of research is the reason for this and it should be fixed straight away and not in the next update.

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