208 Caravan Glitch

Anyone else notice this glitch on the Caravan?😂 You can see the fedex logo through the windows that don’t exist!

I think your photos didnt load correctly

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Uh oh let me try again

Yeah thats a glitch alright, I think 🤔

Been like that for a very very long time.


Lol. It`s probably because the standard cockpit for the C208, they didn’t make a cargo version in the early stages of IF.

The good old days…

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Yes I still remember this from pre global

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No that’s new

@Ecoops123 If it isn’t a cargo version, why is there no seats in this one? I think something changed the plane a bit, only devs knows 🤔

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Don’t think it’s a glitch in pretty sure that it’s just because IF hasn’t added an interior for the cargo C208 and use the same interior for all. Not too sure that’s just what I think


Actually… didnt think of that… maybe the overall design of the exterior on the interior. Makes sense, less work.

The C208 is the plane I flew when I didn’t have my subscription so I see the difference

No, it’s not. It’s been like that since its inception.

Really tho, I can’t find any picture of it on my side

Yeah the interior has always been like that, its daft. I never chased it up but the cargo models have always had the windows visible whether it’s to see through completely or just the reverse of the livery.

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