2022 Year In Review

Infinite flight is the already the best Mobile Flight Sim and you don’t stop to make it better and better. Thank you so much


It sure was a fantastic 2022 in the IF world 🌎 amazing updates and incredible changes. 💯

To a amazing 2023 🍾🥂
Happy New Year to all the IF team developers, moderators, 3D artists, airport editors and of course IF pilots ✈️
Let it be a fantastic one 🥂🎊🥳


Nice job!!


I cannot wait to see what’s in store for 2023!

What a year this was!

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Brings back so much memories.

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No new sneak peeks this year? 👀


Happy new years!

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2022 has been an awesome year in terms of development of the simulator. We got new aircrafts, a lot of 3d airports and also improvements behind the scenes. I am thankful to the whole team of Infinite Flight and the community to make these things possible. A big THANK YOU!
I am looking forward to 2023 and what the team had in mind. Stay safe, happy landings and all the best for the new year!

2022 was the year when I started to play IF on my iphone 6s and now I play on a samsung phone but I still don’t have IF pro but it’s still really fun to play! Happy New Year!!!

What an amazing year that 2022 has been for Infinite Flight!

I’m grateful everyday to be apart of such an amazing community, full of users that share the same passion… aviation!

Thank you to the entire Infinite Flight team for the hard work and dedication that all of you put in throughout the entire year to bring us new updates, solve any bugs and overall, to make this community a safe and enjoyable place to hang out.

Can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store and I’m sure if 2022 is anything to go by, it certainly won’t disappoint!

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Definitely another great year for Infinite Flight. One of the big aspects I think was the GSE experience and taxiway lights creating a new dynamic for realism on the ground. Looking forward to the future with continued developments on 3D objects and eventually multiplayer GSE sync! And the addition of some new 2D textures for the grass areas around the airport would really bring the entire airport ground experience to photo-realistic HD quality.

Also looking forward to what else 2023 will bring! More subtle hints for next year this time round, but it sounds like a lot of foundational work occurred this year for upcoming feature progress. Can’t wait!

All the best to the development team, and wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

That was amazing year and I hope to be continued to the next year. God bless you all thank you infinity 🎉🎉🌹🌹


No hints of a commercial prop. Save me, Jason.

Another great year. Best wishes to everyone.

What a work of development! Congratulations to the whole team for this commitment. You have succeeded not only in providing us with a 24-carat platform that is continually updated, but also and personally, you have made me addicted! Not a day goes by that I don’t log on to either the simulator or your blug. If I wasn’t 56 years old, you would have made me want to become a pro, but I’ll compensate with a simulator flight on a Boeing 777-309 in Zurich on a half day. Thank you 1000 times … and HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody

This year I joined the IFC and I have had an amazing time here creating events, flying and much more. Cheers to 2023 and many more great years to come!

This year was awesome

By far my number 1 achievement in Infinite Flight this year was my win in the Infinite Flight E175 livery design contest! I hope everybody enjoys using it :D
Thanks again for the opportunity!



That was a big W for you!