2022 UEFA Champions League Final Fly-In

The 2022 UEFA Champions League Final is fast approaching, with two heavyweights featuring. 2019–20 Premier League champions Liverpool face up against the 2017–18 UEFA Champions League winners Real Madrid in what will be a scintillating final. For this event we’ll be flying passengers from all around the world into Paris, where the Final is being held. If you’re flying internationally, make sure to plan your arrival during the event time frame (2022-05-28T13:00:00Z2022-05-28T14:00:00Z). A huge thank you and shoutout to @JSRibs28 who will be controlling Ground, Tower and ATIS at Paris!

Last year’s UEFA Champions League Final was between Manchester City and Chelsea, but who was the referee?

  • Damir Skomina
  • Antonio Mateu Lahoz
  • Daniele Orsato

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Event Specifics

Origin Airport Destination Airport Livery Aircraft Server
Any LFPG Any Any Expert Server


Further Reading

UEFA Champions League remaining ties

Semi finals

Villareal 2–3 Liverpool (2nd leg)
Liverpool win on aggregate 2–5

Real Madrid 3–1 Manchester City (2nd leg)
Real Madrid win on aggregate 6–5


Liverpool v Real Madrid

NOTAM: Please respect other pilots and ATC instructions. Use of STARs recommended. Have fun!


My two favourite things! Football and Aviation! I depressingly can’t attend this event due to my Timezone. Bet it’ll be a whizz though!



Great event! Would I be able to control ground, tower, and atis?

IFATC Specialist,


I support Liverpool & Live In Liverpool So Count Me In 🙌


I like the Beatles so count me in

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Currently Liverpool have 2 Ethiopian A350’s, 2 Corsair A330-300’s , Vueling A321’s & Air Caraibes A350-900 operating to CDG On 27th & 28th May ✈️✈️


Of course you can!

Thank you!


Great! See you there.

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I’ll be flying for this event

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I will definitely try to join captain 👀

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This event gets underway in just over a week. Hope you can join!

I will join this event

A few days until it all gets underway! However, it’s not all well and good for Liverpool. Key midfielder Thiago Alcantara could be out for the big game with a hamstring injury.

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I’ll try to join

Everyone ready to today’s fly in 🙌✈️

I will be streaming this event live! Come check out my channel.

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What airport are you streaming from? Liverpool seems like the main UK hub for these charter flights

Yes. I will be flying in from Liverpool (EGGP).

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Are you not positioning into Liverpool from Paris?

No, we’re flying into Paris; it’s the Champions League Final Fly-In, in Paris.

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