2022 NFL Playoff Flyover Events [COMPLETED]

I can try I can attend most of the other ones tho

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I’ll take this please!

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See ya there!

Damn thats gonna be lit! Have fun!

guess whos doing that, me!

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Self plug :0

Since this event has done pretty well in terms of engagement so far, I have an event that was made prior to this. The Silicon Valley Flyout. There’s plenty of space so I highly recommend checking it out! Thank you! Also 19 hours until first flyover!!

At the time @Bay_Area_Aviation posted this, it would also have been 15 hours (i think) before the practice begins for the C-17 flyover.

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Practice cancelled. Still attending flight.

We’re two hours away from our first flyover! Reminder to please spawn 10-20 minutes prior to scheduled time of departure

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I’ll be there for the first two!

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What the speed

Unfortunately I Don’t think I’ll be there for the first flyover. I suck at flying the A-10 lol

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Use autopilot

When should we spawn?

About 5:15/5:20 PST

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Is there a certain formation or anything?

Not really. Fly within close proximity but you can do what you want

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How many minutes till spawn

I’m spawning in 15 minutes


If you are attending the Kansas City Chiefs/Jacksonville Jaguars game flyover. Please spawn in now!

Aircraft: USAF A-10 Warthog (303rd Livery)
Departure: 2023-01-21T01:30:00Z
Status: Airborne
Cruising Alt: 1,000 FT
Cruise Speed: 315 KTS
FPL: Copy from me
Departure Runway: 1
Landing Runway: 1

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