2022 Greenwood Lake Airshow [Part 2]

So here is Part 2 of the topic I made about a few weeks or so ago from the 2022 Greenwood Lake Airshow, in West Milford, NJ. So without further ado, here are some more pictures I got with my Canon EOS Rebel T7, (75-300mm lens).

The Cessna 182H Skylane used this year by the New York Tandem Skydiving Team blasting out for the opening ceremony!

Rob Holland pulling those G’s on takeoff meeting up with the C182, then going to circle the flag jumpers.

Rob Holland taxiing back to the performers area after a demo of what we will see later on in the show.

Gary Rower and his Boeing-Super Stearman blasts out of runway 24 going to lead the formation with Buck Roetman in his Pitts S-2S. God these 2 planes flying together sound amazing, but nothing will beat the sound and noise of the Boeing Super Stearman.

Rower Airshows (Gary Rower) setting her down on runway 24 after the awesome formation flight duo with Buck Roetman (Wild Horse Aviation).

Buck Roetman and his awesome Pitts S-2S butter on runway 24 at Greenwood Lake.

This Beech D-45 Mentor blasting out as Buck Roetman taxies past waving at the crowd.

Greg Koontz and the Alabama Boys perform The Stolen Cub act at Skies Over Greenwood Lake, afterwards landing on a pickup truck.

The three D-45 Mentors opening their T-34 Mentor demo performance just passing over show center.

2 of 3 D-45 Mentors in formation as the other one is doing high speed photo passes (aka the Parade Pass). N2VY is the D-45 Mentor doing the parade passes.

Part 3 coming soon, as I am still going through the 5,400+ photos I took at the show on June 11th, 2022.


These are great! Love it 👍

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Buck Roetman’s Pitts is actually a living memoir of air show history. N99MF was once Jim LeRoy’s aircraft from the 1990s to 2006, the Bulldog I. LeRoy was quite possibly the grand master of the Pitts, calm yet seemingly insane in his flying style. Bulldog II (N98MF) was introduced to the show circuit in 2007 with Bulldog I as a back-up. Unfortunately, he crashed at the Dayton Air Show that same year and lost his life.

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AMAZING! I was there on Saturday! You can check out my YouTube for most of my videos! Anyways, great pics! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm7EbbhefnPt5GLnUxLy6y_ekT9zZevcS

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Wow, sad to hear a pilot dying during an airshow. Glad to see a piece of aerobatic history flying around Greenwood Lake few times each year.

I go every year, to the Day and night show. It’s always a blast and worth the Grand Finale!

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