2022 Greenwood Lake Airshow [Part 1]

Hello there! In this post, I present to you… My shots from Greenwood Lake Airshow [Part 1].

The Skytypers and their SNJ-2 Texans on the performer side.

The Nakajima B5N2 Japanese Kate, allied reporting name during the time was “Kate” on display before some guy ripped off the pitot tube covers, an announcement was made after that.

This Cessna 182H Skylane was used this year for the New York Tandem Skydiving Team for the flag jump opening ceremony.

This T-34 Mentor landed few hours before the show started, right after the gates opened and everyone was walking around looking at the displays.

And here we have, the one and only… Ghostwriter Airshows!!

Here is the Stearman (believe its the regular Stearman not the Super Stearman)

The Fairchild M-62A on departure.

Rob Holland sneak peak performance after circling the flag jumper.

Gary Rower (Rower Airshows) Departing for the formation flight with Wild Horse Aviation (Buck Roetman)

The formation flight with Buck and Gary, Buck in the Pitts S-2S and Gary in the Boeing Super Stearman

Hope you all enjoyed! Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon…


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