2022 FlySafair Boeing 737-800

FlySafair Boeing 737-800 - 2022 Livery

Last year FlySafair (The biggest and most highly rated airline in South Africa) unveiled a full company rebrand which included a brand new livery that will be worn on all their aircraft. This livery replaced their older livery that was in use for years.

Inspired by the heart of flying the livery has three distinct colors present on it’s tail and fuselage section.

The Dark Blue representing it’s former colours.
The Light blue representing infinite opportunities.
The Pink representing their original colours along with signifying their business.

You can take a look for yourself at the livery below:

Some more details about FlySafair and their rebranding can be found below:

If you want to see this livery in sim in the future why not drop it a vote!

First bite goes to United403 😁
Would love to see this unique livery in game

As a South African, I have only one thing to say: Dit beter bygevoeg word. Jy het vir jouself 'n stem gekry.

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Thank you for your votes! :D As a South African I also say Dankie, Ngiyabonga and Enkosi!

Hope to see this bird in sim soon!

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talk about butter 🥺, been flying with Flysafair for a few years now and I must say I enjoyed every single touchdown 🤭

hoping on this one, as well as the SAA A350

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It would be nice for this to be added, since SA won the Rugby world cupp🏉😅💚 @Tina_Kwesha

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Yes we can only hope

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we need this now beacuse mango, kulula and comair all ceased all we have for domestic is air link

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Yes, love the livery. As a South African, I would love this livery to be in game