2022 ATC june bid

Can anyone tell me when the public FAA ATC bid begins and ends this month? I cannot find information about it anywhere. Any links would be much appreciated. Please and thank you

I’m not sure when the next one is, but typically there are two bid periods every year. You may have to wait for an official announcement unless someone can give you more information


Good news! It looks like the FAA is opening a bid up from June 24th-June 27th.
You can get more information about the process at www.FAA.gov/Be-ATC.

If you choose to apply, good luck! I will likely be applying in the next year or so after completing my final year of college. 🙂

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What are u going to school for? Thank you

I’m getting a bachelors degree in air traffic management (ATC) and a minor in Homeland Security. Once I graduate next spring I’ll go through with the process to head to Oklahoma City to the FAA training academy there.

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Reach out or ask here if you have any questions! Get your usajobs.gov account, profile, and resume built as soon as you can. It makes the application much easier!

Most people use the resume builder integrated into the site so don’t worry about building something fancy on your own. I used it as well and got hired on the experience bid back in 2019 with no problem!


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