2022: A year in review!

Well the year is quickly coming to a close so I thought that I would create my first “spotting year review!” I have been uploading spotting topics since July so I will show some of my best pictures from those topics. These pictures will be in order based on spotting date along with links at the bottom! Let’s get to the pictures!

Inspiration from @AndrewWu topic

July 4th: Honolulu International (HNL)

This photo was taken while walking to my gate to head home from a nice vacation. While the topic was created in July, the actual picture was taken in April during spring break. There are multiple aircrafts shown but they are all 737s.
Honolulu Spotting

July 8th: Los Angeles (LAX)

This photo was taken on the north side of Los Angeles airport. The aircraft is a 747-8 with the Korean Air livery. It was one of its services back to Los Angeles as the airline was previously using the 777-300ER and sometimes the 787-9.
So many Delta aircrafts!

August 8th: Los Angeles (LAX)

This photo was taken at the same place as the photo above however it was relatively later in the day. The aircraft is a 787-9 with the Air New Zealand livery.
Los Angeles Sunset Spotting

August 14th: San Jose (SJC)

This photo was taken while I was waiting at the terminal at San Jose international just south of San Francisco. The aircraft is a 737-900 with the Alaska livery heading to Seattle!
San Jose (SJC) Spotting

August 24th: Los Angeles (LAX)

This photo isn’t necessarily taken of one aircraft, it is more of the airport. This was taken at a parking lot that I forgot the name of and it had a great view of the whole north side of the airport. I was there during the evening so I was able to capture this magnificent picture.
Final Summer Spotting

October 1st: Pacific Airshow 2022

This photo was taken at the Pacific Airshow 2022 in Huntington Beach, just south of Los Angeles where thousands of demos including the Thunderbirds perform. This photo was my personal favorite. The Airshow is always the first weekend of October and I am there every year!
The Thunderbirds at the Pacific Airshow

November 4th: Los Angeles (LAX)

There isn’t much background to this photo other than it is a Zipair 787-8 at Los Angeles. The photo was taken in terminal 1 while I was waiting for my flight.
Afternoon Heavies

November 13th: Palm Springs (PSP)

This photo was taken at my favorite airport of Palm Springs. I don’t spot there very often but I take advantage of it when I do. In this case I got lucky and caught this Southwest 737-700 with the Louisiana One livery that I happened to fly on only about a month before.
Palm Springs Spotting

November 24th: Los Angeles (LAX)
To end this year in review I decided to throw in one of my most recent spots with an airline that just started 2 months ago and is servicing to Los Angeles, it is Air Premia on a 787-9!
Air Premia and More

Reply below which one was your favorite!

Thank you for viewing! Until next year! :D


Some cool shots here! Very nice sunset in the 5th shot, and those F-16s practically on top of each other is quite the sight xD.

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Thank you.

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You’ve done it again my friend 😁😁😁😁😁

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Indeed I have

Absolutely amazing photos like usual

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Thank you.

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