2022: A Collection

Hey IFC! Although 2022 was more than 5 months ago, I still wanted to share some shots with you guys here. This is a collection of images from 2022, with the airports being VTBS/BKK Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and WSSS/SIN Singapore Changi Airport, my home airport.

A7-ANP pulling into the gate after a flight from Doha.

A certain yellow fellow chilling at the gate.

Mini-bus pushing back and heading to Guangzhou.

My favorite airline’s purple raccoon pushing back.

B-6487 just arriving from Hangzhou.

Red sunsets with AirAsia’s A330-300.

The star herself, arriving from Paris (?)

Please cure my addiction to sunset shots.

Which was your favorite?

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All images are taken by myself on my iPhone X and edited on my iPhone X.

Thanks for viewing!
(i want a proper camera)


… 4 months, but still shocking how time flies

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