2021 Year in Review

WOW, how quickly this year went

i remember making the 2020 review topic like it was yesterday. I know this topic is late but oh well, as the old saying goes better late than never anyway, t’was a good year and here are some highlights ig

lets tuck in with number 5, a…

F18E in the infinite flight livery just joking lol i mean an F15 for the qatar emiri air force. This plane was on delivery from the US to Qatar and stopped by at a local airbase. I have a seperate topic for these somewhere…

number 4…

a KC135 in the alaskan squadron livery. This one got chosen because although this is not as rare, the picture is quite nice and i like the livery so yeah.

Getting into the top 3 with the

Icelandair aurora borealis scheme. Ngl this scheme is absolutely beautiful even though the lighting was not optimal.

Nearly there, number 2 is…

a uk gov aircraft. More specifically, an A321neo wetleased from Titan Airways. I must say, the vespina scheme is absolutely stunning and it fits very well on this aircraft

AND MY HIGHLIGHT OF 2021 IS… (drumroll)…

Air Force 1! well, a vc25 technically but meh. Beautiful scheme and its backlit @rolls. im sure this would toip most poeples lists including mine

Anyway, heres to 2022 and all the weird and wonderful planes that will be encountered this year
also no birb


Very juicy shots… fr I’m running out of synonyms of great…


All of these… just awesome.

I could’ve spotted the VC-25 this year as well, had it not been for exams…

Love that A321neo as well.

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oh dear… it will happen one day

thx i like it as well

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Omg discourse killed the quality so I had to click on them for good quality and they were great!

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thx so much

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