2021 Sydney spotting debut

G’day lads and dad’s, lady’s and girls
I texted Mr @Alex_E in the morning to see if he’d like to go capture some planes. After a nap and a phone call the plan was set we’d go in the arvo and get some golden hour shots.
Firstly well start of with a banger, the 50th A330 delivered to Air China with ribbons of vortices trailing the wing tips

Next up we have the toddler dash in some crisp light
Thirdly we have the golden smile of the sun brightening up this air India 787-8
Four you I have a QF 737 departing in some light that you just wish would happen all the time

Count your fingers and your thumb no smart stuff boy cause it’s picture number 5 and we’re coming in from the middle east Qatar 777
6 we have a Qantas A330 depleting energy through 34L
The true 7th wonder of the world (for avgeeks) a Singapore 747-400F and it’s bigger and younger brother the UPS 747-8F
For the final chapter of our mission I tried something a little different decreasing the shutter speed to get a blur, I’ll have to try this another time

Thanks for looking at my photos I hoped you like them and I hope your 2021 is amazing


I must say that was an interesting phone call indeed…

Nice shots :))


Alex what’s an Arvo

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It’s short for afternoon. “I’ll see you this arvo” something like that 😂

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Nice shots, really love the first one of the Air China!

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Nice shot! I may go to university next year in Sydney , we may could spot together in the future’

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That’ll be great

I’m proud of it

Amazing shots

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Wow 🤩 those are some amazing shots my fave is the first one

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you very much @Jet2Pilot @Captain_Neil

Cool shots, I wish that I could actually go spotting but there is nothing happening at my local airport

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Amazing shots mate!! What camera do you have?

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Amazing Bro… glad to see the Air India❤️

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Marvelous shots! Really good!

Canon 1200D but looking to upgrade soon

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Very nice!

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