2021 Moments

Lets finish off the year with some photos!

Open beta 21.1!

New A330 first flight!


Spotting at DFW

A220 breezy first flight

Beautiful cockpit of the 220

Flying with @YC-International

Going to DTW for the new year!

Vanuatu flight!

Last flight of the year!!!



Nice man. I love all of the pics

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Nice shots! But please take in game screenshots because you can’t have anybodies username in game or your flight configuration

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You got some great shots there :)

However, there’s a few issues:

  • All HUD views, sidebars, ATC/flight plan text and display names and boxes must be hidden. Please review the shots and post accordingly.

  • This seems to be a real world shot…

…in which case this particular shot needs to be in the #real-world-aviation category. The #screenshots-and-videos category is only for Infinite Flight shots.

  • This seems to be a shot from a real spotting session…

…in which case it belongs in the #real-world-aviation:spotting category for the same reasons as stated above.

Please be sure to review the rules of the category below, and make the necessary changes to your post.

Have a great day and a happy new year!