2021 In Review - My Best Pictures Of This Hectic Year!

Hello, IFC!

This year felt like the ending credits of 2020. Remember when we were all counting the days until the end of 2020? Silly us…
Let’s do it again!
30 days until the end of this horrible year!

As bad as this year was, it had quite some milestones for me! I…

Left the USA and moved to France
Saw my first airshow
That’s about it frankly lol

As the tradition goes, it’s December 1, so it’s time to see what my overall best pictures are from this year!

These are not based on like count but on personal preference as well as technical superiority

This Air France A320 is special but not because of the plane… look at the grass!

This was not my only my first time spotting a Corsair NEO, but also my first time spotting in France!

This Rafale Tactical Display team showing off some nice aerobatics!

This shot is grainy, yes, but was very hard to get! It was shot at 1300mm in front of the sun with specific humidity conditions… so… rainbow!

A 737-900 blasting through the cold morning mist!

This shot being from my last US spotting trip before moving, I think it represents Seattle quite well! Amazon, Boeing and Mt. Rainier!


My first time spotting an inaugural flight, and with some nice condensation to go with it!

I’m sure you have never seen KRNT from this angle before ;) - IFC Exclusive!

The French Transall on it’s last public demonstration

And the takeoff but it's in a summary to lower my chances of getting flagged for having 11 pics

The best picture of the year!


:P (No this was not rotated or edited, I have proof)

Thank you for this great year in spotting, and a generally great year on the IFC!

Here are the honorable mentions:

Honorable Spotters of the Year

@Alec (No longer Here)
@DeerCrusher (Not an official spotter but amazing sunset pics!)
@Altaria55 nd Laura for being at LFFQ too but no tag :)

…and that’s a wrap!

Thank you so much to everyone!

Stay safe, it’s almost over!




Discourse strikes again with the compression :(

Stunning Blob!

Here’s to next year!

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Thank you very much!

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I love the photos and it was an eventful but better year. Heres to 2022🥂🥂

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Amazing photos mate!

Let the countdown to 2022 begin.

And thanks for the mention ;) .

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Ayeee I’m on the honorable spotters list! I have a special bottle of champagne for this moment, how about we open it? 🥂

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How do you like France compared to the US so far?

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Good job egg

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Nice pictures Mr. Baguette 🥖

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What the F-16 doin’

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As always great shots :)

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For life? I feel much more “at home”.

For spotting? Its much harder cuz there aren’t many designated “spots” you have to crawl through rabbit holes and stuff but the variety is amazing!

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Thank you oat

Brilliant photos Bobertine!

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Thank you so much, everyone 😁

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Thanks, Z of the Hopkins

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But where is the birb though?

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TineerBob thanks for giving thanks to me!

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thats a Rafale…

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