2021 Air France Airbus A318-111

Source : JetPhotos

And welcome to our new cute little baybus !

Yes, the new Air France livery applies to the whole fleet, including our famous baybus which inherits this beautiful livery !

What makes it exceptional ?
It’s beautiful and big typography on its small size.
As with the A320, the A318 has been repainted in the new Air France colours.

Concerning the small changes on the A318 :

  • The “Air France” typography is laaaaaaaarger
  • “Airbus A318” is now located at the rear of the aircraft with the Skyteam logo.
  • The famous winged seahorse has taken the place and size of the SkyTeam logo.
  • The SkyTeam logo is now located at the rear of the aircraft.
  • And the Air France KLM group logo has been removed.

If you like this livery, don’t hesitate to tell us or vote 🙌✨
Another thing, if you have pictures, you can post them 😉


WOW amazing 🤩


Modernization of the fleet ! Hope to see it soon on Infinite Flight !


Wow this is such amazing 🤩 love Air France so much❤️ One of my favorite airlines thanks for sharing. this. You’ve got definitely my Vote ! 🛫


Hahahaha here is my baby bus for sure I vote !!


On the contrary look carefully and you will immediately make the difference my dear friend ! ;)

When you post something for IFC clout, but people think you’re serious.

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Please stay on topic ;)

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I mean, if you could be serious in like only 1% of your posts… it’d be great and improvement ;)


To be honest, that statement is pretty accurate. Honestly, I’m starting to question if this is an ethical thing to continue doing.

For those who still don’t notice any difference, here are two comparisons for you ;)


Voted and need A321 Air France too


Thank you very much for all the affection you show for Air France.
We are very happy to see you here !
Thanks again for your support !


If you like this livery, you should know that Air France has also applied it to the A320 !
A topic has been created just for him and in relation with this topic as we are talking about the new Air France livery.

Check this : Airbus A320-214 Air France (New Livery 2021)

F-GUGO from another angle ✨

By @clem_plane_spotter on Instagram


It will change the way we fly with Air France ☺️

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I would like to remind people who read our messages that we are open to criticism except for the abusive ones that spit on Air France.

It’s your choice, if you like this new livery, come and share your feelings, on the contrary if you are here to destroy the chat without any valid reason and respect, we invite you to take the door.

Exactly, moreover I find the livery more fun than the current one which I find terribly boring.
And above all it makes a lot on our cute Baby Bus

It doesn’t got name ?

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This bird always comes to Geneva, that’s why I’ll one day vote for it !
This livery is much better than the old one.

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