2021 Abbotsford air show!

Hey IFC! For my birthday last week i went to the Abbotsford airshow! For you wondering what it is, its an annual Airshow around the begging of august that displays awesome aerobatics by Canadian and American aircraft (minus the A310)! These planes range from modern fighters to WW2 planes!

There was supposed to be an F-22, but it didn’t come due to a mechanical problem.

Here’s the pics!

(1: An A310 and a CF-18 doing a re-fueling demo!

(2: the infamous Canadian Snowbirds doing some awesome action!

An American F-18 flying with with a sky raider!

(3: Another American F-18 doing some high speed fly-bys!

(4: whatever this thing is

Last but not least, the firework plane!


Nice photos, what makes the Snowbirds infamous?

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The name ,cause they arent birdsim jokin i really dont know lol

Its raining Birds Hallelujah!


theyre very well know actually, as they have been doing performences for 50 years

haha, defiantly!

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Beautiful shots! Kind of makes me jealous I wasn’t able to attend this year. 😂

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Man hope you don’t have to fly cross-country haha

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Oh, your from here, I’m kinda dumb apparently

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Haha, yeah. I’m like 45 minutes from YXX.

Nice shots. Would have gone this year but with it being a drive in format, flying and not having a vehicle would be tough. Will be at Airshow London in a few weeks.

I was there on vacation for the first time ever, and missed this by only a day : (

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Ayy were both from Vancouver haha

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It goes on for 3 days usually, so you could’ve still made it

Yeah the car format isn’t always the best, for me it was perfect cause i just set the tripod in the back of a truck, so i was able to pass over other cars

Not really as I live all the way in Montreal and I had to leave because work

WoW I loved every shot looks like u had a lot of fun!!

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I love the car format for a hometown show, sucks for cross country. I’ll be going for front row again in London .

NICE! I got to witness two night air shows at Oshkosh. It’s truly an entirely different realm of air shows. I never expected a plane to be shooting sparks and fireworks!

I hope next year i can go to Oshkosh…

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