2021/22 Development Roadmap

I agree with you here!

Sad story, but I feel with you. I could have been this guy as well :)

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E-jets tho 👀

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They release several 3D airports monthly.

That is incorrect. 3D airports are not released monthly. 3D airports are released per update. An update does not occur every month.


but it raises a new question
Will every update from now have some new 3D airports?

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I suppose so but there is a chance we might get a new livery here and there on an existing plane.

Can’t wait to do a few delivery flights from YMX 😉😃✈️🌎

Looks great! However looks like our friend the flying brick (the A380) won’t be getting an update anytime soon. 🙁


Can’t wait to fly Air Baltic A220! but disappointed that my fav aircraft, A380, isn’t getting reworked


Yet. The idea is to bring the fleet up to today’s standards, so, in theory, the whale will get it’s facelift eventually. Could be next year, or the one after, (nobody really knows) but demand for the A380 rework is relatively high so I wouldn’t count on waiting too long.

(and as a disclaimer I’m not a developer so don’t take my word for it)


if the A388 ever gets reworked the team will focus on making all the emirates special liveries right? other than adding every past operator


That sounds like an incredibly boring and one sided approach to be honest.


my literal and only point is that we should not be unable to fly current operators on aircraft with mostly historical and former operators, that is why in order to have former operators we should first get the liveries current in service you know?

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I disagree as the A380 is almost obsolete with only select airlines operating it, we should have former operator liveries. Im not saying that we shoulnt have the new liveries but im saying that we should not remove the liveries that are currently in the game. Imo i would like to see the different new liveries such as the ANA turtle liveries and the emirates expo 2020 liveriesbut i dont know if all of them should come. If you would like t o see them in game you may vote for them here.


I bet they can add almost every livery the A380 has, if you compare it to the 757 (for example) the A380 should be able to have every livery


Yeah and even though the team makes the choice to bring up Emirates’ special liveries this is something you shouldn’t take it for granted. You say it like this is something that ethically needs to be done or something, but no the team will make the decision, and like schyllberg said it’s a very onesided expectation. I’d say unappropriate.


Like this too


I see a potential copyright issue with the EXPO liveries happening similar to the Disney and Star Wars liveries.


I see off-topic conversation