2020 Year In Review

They replied to Jason’s actual post, topic than just the blue reply at the bottom.

And the user isn’t actually on the IFC, they are communicating via email since they were probably emailed automatically by the community’s email (it is a setting in your profile) from when this topic was created.

I’m also replying separately since the user I was replying to above wouldn’t see your post and be confused as to why this would be in a reply to them.

My brain is broken but that’s for the replay I didn’t know you could do that

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Thank you very much I got it.
And one more thing I would like to know:-

What are the benefits of joining the infinite committee.

When I join the committee will I get discount on pro subscribtion?

No discounts I’m afraid!

I’d highly suggest joining. It would get you much more involved with the purpose you fly with, creating friends, learning new things, and meeting new people over time. It’s definitely something I’d suggest to help share your passion with others.

Oh ok thanks!!!

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Hey There Ecoops123,

oh man it’s been such a long time since I requested this for IF to add more planes on the simulator & do you have Infinite Flight Pro subscription. This includes to fly more and more planes in game, and all other features such as multiplayer, global and even more new cockpits now.

Hope you have fun playing.

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Not sure if you were being 100% serious on this (please tell me if it was an error or misunderstanding), although I’m sure you know by now where the #features category is at as you’ve been on the community a good while, along with posting and making several topics there already. ;)

And yes I do have a subscription, have had for a couple years now. I have more experience than the majority of users here. 🙂


That is one of the biggest flexes that I have ever seen


Shows how sad 8,000 hours of my life are. 😜


@Ecoops123 was right on that one

yay :D very happy :)D

The 3D Buildings are the only issue that pushed me away from this great sim once you’ve got that sorted out you got me back as a customer and probably for life at that point! You’ve got just about everything else anybody could ask for including an outstanding customer support crew! Looking forward to that update till then.
All the best to you all!
Fly safe


My Ipad died when it saw what was going on with IF

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I know it will be amazing!

Hello are you able to send me the link of the replay upload

Here’s the link of the IF Replay 2020 video on YT

Welcome to Infinite flight community!