2020 Wall Street Journal's Best and Worst airlines

In the Wall Street Journal they have ranked their best and worst airlines! Do you agree with this why or why not?

Here is their reasons on why they picked this list


Hmmm. I get the top three, but I don’t really get how an airline like Frontier could end up above United and American. Also, in my opinion, jetBlue should be above Spirit and Alleigant. Just saying.


How is allegiant fourth? This is outrageous. I do love Southwest and Delta, glad to see them at the top


Yeah Delta!!


If you’re wondering how an airline is ranked above another, look at what they used to rank them - operational reliability. This has nothing to do with an airline’s level of service and amenities which is why I sincerely hate this ranking.

If you looked at amenities, Spirit, Frontier, and Allegiant would be on the bottom.


haha my low cost carrier is number 4 over some legacy carriers. i love it

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Well then American and United should definitely be last cough cough


United and American at the bottom. This why you don’t trust Wall Street Journal. I need to also subscribe to there site before I read the article

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Glad to see that Alaska and Southwest are up top in 2nd and 3rd. American should not be at the bottom, this is why you can’t trust these ranking things 100% all the time.

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essscuuuse mehhh buuut wheers HAwaiian??? 😤smh

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@anon38496261 Alaska is 2nd! Nice!

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Awesome! I guess it’s a break from being #1 all the time, lol 😂

They can’t call it “The best and worst airlines” if they’re only basing it on delays or operations though, as there are many issues as to why airplanes get delayed or what happens. How an airline handles them though—that’s what matters.

Delta and Alaska are no doubt the best airlines, glad to see them staying up there!

I am a little surprised to see JetBlue in 6th place though… Especially below budget airlines like Allegiant and Spirit. I’ve always heard really good things about them. They used to make the top three in most lists like this.

This list seems kinda defunct tbh


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