2020: The Year in Review

It’s an honor to be mentioned like 500 times. 😂

Lol, thanks for the shoutout @system!


System doing it’s yearly dose of like farming

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242 topics in 180 days. That’s a yike from me son…


4th most liked user in 2020? No way

I’ll take it

I expected to be mentioned a bit more tho

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Yipe looks like im not proud too with that much topics I did


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First time in 3 years I wasn’t in any of the top lists. It
makes fully sense knowing how inactive I was, especially during and the time after I got Covid. But it feels amazing to see so many new people reach the top lists for great stuff they’ve done over the year of 202z

Here’s to a awesome 2021 ahead, and bit more the usual active me around IFC ;)


@GameBoy_KIRB looking at your topics though… Most of them are productive and still open 😝


Also, shoutout to the Screenshot League participants, y’all are awesome.

Expect a new competition, coming your way SOON!


Now we wait for @ran’s 2020 Award Ceremony… should be more interesting then.


I’m posting that one, should be coming this weeend ;)


Definitely makes people stand out, both in a good and bad way lol!

Definitely happy with what I’ve been shown, it definitely shows my devotion and activity on the forum during 2020.

That’s almost 2 weeks non stop on the forum!

Also cool to see I’m the 6th most liked with the 9th most replies.

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Questions are good. No such thing as bad questions, let him ask away. 🙂

You aint gonna take my lead 👿

Well thank you for making it!

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Top #atc topic! I feel honoured! Thanks @system ❤️

I am surprised that I have the most read time. I would’ve expected that!

Jeez, some of you guys are nearly creating a topic a day? Thats gonna be a yikes from me

Not me most of these are like from Spring-Fall since I was pretty active (I still am but I dont really talk much)