2020: The Year in Review

Wow can’t believe that I got tagged twice here. I do like avidly reading around here

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Most Topics, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing to get number 1 lmao

Stunningly surprised that I made it a little bit in here. Wow 🤩. Love these stats.

ok cant wait.
and this is nice


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Wasn’t it supposed to come today?

Anyway I can’t wait. Looking forward to seeing how many people I know get tagged.

Two topics this year, crazy. Thanks for making 2020 great and here’s to a even greater 2021 y’all

Apparently a lot of people visited every day of 2020 if you go to “All Yearly Views” (including me) but only a few were actually tagged lmao.

I missed one single day this year and that’s cause I was in hospital after being hit by a car 😂

2021 resolution: no days missed

Hmmmmm, interesting

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That’s worrying that you got hit by a car - hope you were ok.

I believe I’ve been here all 366 days. I received devotee some time back and haven’t missed a day, so in theory I’ve been on this forum consecutively each day for the past 590 days.

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Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I was thinking the same, last year I was mentioned six times. I am surprised that I was not mentioned in the most hours read here, since I used to be spectating this forum everyday.

Congrats to everyone that was mentioned! What a year. 🏅

Fantastic to see that I made the list a few times! Great year!

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Wowza! I was mentioned a few times! I like it!

close enough (most of S&V topics)

I got tagged 2 times!

Question: How do you visit 366 days in a year?

2020 was a leap year