2020 Rewind | My Top 10 Pictures of the Year

Hey! I don’t post many spotting topics but I decided that even though 2020 wasn’t the greatest year, I began planespotting and wanted to share some of my favorite ones. Though I have a long way to go, I believe I’ve improved a lot in the past 10 or so months!

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite pictures!

Japan Airlines “Arashi Jet” 787-9 | LAX

Here’s Japan Airlines’ Arashi Jet approaching Los Angeles from Tokyo after a cargo flight! Since the beginning of the pandemic, Japan Airlines has been flying 2-3 daily flights to Los Angeles carrying cargo as well as a few repatriation flights. This is definitely one of the more interesting liveries out there…

China Southern Cargo 777(F) | LAX

LAX in the winter is definitely an amazing place to spot, with many heavy movements and great lighting. Departing with a short 14-hour delay was this China Southern Cargo 77F headed back to Shanghai!

Kalitta Air Cargo 747-400(F) | LAX

Though many passenger 747s are being retired, many cargo airlines such as Kalitta are repurposing them to fly as freighters! Here’s N743CK on its way to Memphis after arriving from Seoul.

United “Her Art Here: California” 757-200 | SFO

Next is an aircraft that has evaded me for the longest time, United’s Her Art Here California 757! Unfortunately, the New York 757 has been in storage since the beginning of the pandemic, but this one remains very active often flying between Newark, San Francisco, and Denver!

Air Transport International 767-300(ER)(F) | LAX

An ex-American 767 now operating for ATI departing LAX headed to Honolulu! This flight was operating on behalf of Asia Pacific.

Air India 777-300(ER) | SFO

Air India doesn’t send their 77Ws to SFO often so it’s always great to see them when they do come. Here’s VT-ALR on its way back to Delhi after a short layover!

KLM “Orange Pride” 777-300(ER) | LAX

PH-BVA departing Los Angeles headed to Amsterdam! I’ve wanted to catch this aircraft for a while and was very glad to see they switched this plane out last-minute.

Turkish Airlines 787-9 | SFO

As international travel has not recovered completely, Turkish Airlines began sending their 787s from Istanbul to San Francisco in August. This is definitely not an aircraft swap I’m complaining about though

Cathay Pacific Cargo 747-8(F) | LAX

B-LJG on short final for 25R all the way from Hong Kong (via Anchorage)!

Qatar Airways A350-1000 | LAX

And finally, here’s a Qatar Airways A350 (A7-ANJ) making a steep climb out of LAX headed back to Doha! Qatar recently began service to SFO as well, so hopefully, I’ll get a good shot of them there soon as well




These are spectacular! Can’t wait to see you ace 2021!

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