2020 Recap Video

2 hours, places everybody!



As the Infinite Flight Community gathers online to watch the 2020 Recap - please ensure the following:

  1. Your seat and tray table are in the upright position.
  2. Your table is put away
  3. You are in a quiet place
  4. Idk what else to put here 😂

Should I stop…I’ll stop…🛑


5. Please make sure your seatbealts are fastened
6. BRACE! BRACE! Heads down, STAY DOWN!

lol :)

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Checked and secure ✅

But, but… what about snacks 😔

Huh… you want us in a Quiet Place 🤔

I’m not John Krasinski or anything idk whether I’ll be able to get on the film set in time :(

Ok I’m getting in my car, seatbelt on ✅

I think I’m ready, followed all your rules. Now, just have to wait here for 2hrs…



7 make sure you have snacks with you
8 make sure you have popcorn 🍿

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Awesome, can’t wait to see it.

Thanks for all your hard work @MishaCamp🎉


Haha! Very nice @Captain_Cign @BritishAirways001 😂

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nothing wrong with that, they did an awesome Job as usual again this year


Less than 30 Minutes to go!


Don’t drive between tiers, Cign, essential travel only. 🙂🙄 Avgeeks should be allowed as one of the recreational mental-health based activities though lol (that’s a current COVID law in the UK). It’s the only thing that would get me out!

I definitely can’t wait to see the preview, what it brings, what it shows, what it reminds us of, and of course the amazing work that has been put in by each and every one of the staff. I imagine I’ll be seeing all your names in the live chat! I’ll be definitely watching but most likely not commenting a mass amount. 🙂


15 Minutes!

Less than 10 minutes!!!

Welcome aboard the Infinite Flight Recap 2020 flight, before our flight departs in less than 7mins. Pls be reminded to shut your room door in case you’ll scream when something surprise coming out. Ensure there’s no expensive airplane model on your table in case you get too excited and done something you’ll regret today. Enjoy the flight, thank you! :)


It is starting!

Watch it

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