2020 Recap Video

I think it Might be clouds based on what’s being wanted by the community

Let’s not make assumptions. People have a tendency to read them and believe them wholeheartedly.

We’ll all find out in less than 3 days 😁

Bruh look at this time travel malarkey. Incredible!


Well we all excited for it and lets wait and see what they have up their sleeves this time around. I feel like 2021 will bring infinite flight to a whole another level.

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Looking forward to it!!!

It may just be me but i feel like a lot of people will be very disappointed if they see it’s just a 2020 recap and not a teaser of anything 😂

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Why not making another recap called “every time that a mod was warned by IFATC 2020”?

Super exited of THIS Recap :)

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There is a good chance there won’t be any sneak peaks. I wouldn’t get your hopes up as this video is aimed to rewind what we got this year. I can see a teaser toward the end of the video showcasing something to come in 2021 but I wouldn’t count on it.


Looking forward for this!

What do you think the surprise is? They mentioned it in the description that there will be a surprise…so excited!

At the end of the video, a hot air balloon with Misha’s face will appear, and slowly but surely, it will expand and pop, breaking everyone with headphones’ eardrums.


Will we be able to ask questions to devs/staff? Or just like a party? 😁

Can wait! See everyone there. 👀

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It’s a premiere so it won’t be a live coverage with the team actually there. It’s a video that will be playing live showcasing this years events. The team will be monitoring and will be in the comments but no questions will be answered in the actual vid as far as I know since they aren’t sitting down to answer anything.

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Awesome! I can’t wait for the Premiere!

Hope for the best (a project metal-related teaser), expect the worst (no teaser but an awesome video nonetheless, so still not a bad outcome), and get something in between (hopefully) 😉

Just enjoy the developers’ cinematography skills and wait for it to come out tomorrow!

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Someone: A333 preview? METAL reveal? A new paint?

Me: Concorde? (yeah, I know they’re not ready atm, but hey, lets be optimistic :)

This video feels like IF out here patting themselves on the back.

Anyway, excited to see the hints mostly for the next update.


I hope there will be a hint / spoiler for 2021 :)

Actually now that I think about it, this video could be about all the things IF has been working on in 2020, whether they are released already or still in the works, so it’s possible we could get a teaser. Nonetheless I’m still super excited to see some awesome cinematic shots of the 777 family and 757.

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Can’t wait!!