2020 Planespotting Awards Evening - ELECTION ONLY

Hello members of the IFC, now is your time to decide which pictures are the best ones out of the entire year that i have spotted and will be shown on the final 2020 - Year in review topic that will be created on December 24 or 25th! There will be 3 categories (Rarest Catches , Best Photo Quality and Nicest Looking Airplane!) The polls will each close at 9:00pm GMT on 20th December 2020 where results will be officially counted and then feeded back! Anyway Lets get deciding!!

P.S. if you vote, please vote on all 3 polls, it will make life a lot easier!

Rarest Catch of the Year (vote only for ONE)

Rarest Catch Poll
  • Dubai Royal Flight A320 (A6-HMS)
  • Blue Angels Fat Albert C130 (170000)
  • ANA Star Wars 777 (JA789J)

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now for best photo of the year:

Best Photo of the Year
  • BA 777 - G-STBA
  • AZAL 767 - 4K-AZ82
  • Virgin Atlantic 747 - G-VBIG

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now for the nicest looking airplane:

Nicest Looking Plane
  • Etihad Greenliner B78X - A6-BMH
  • JAL Hawaii Livery B789 - JA873J
  • AZAL B788 - VP-BBS

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Ooh nice pics

let’s go another competition :)


Some very nice photos you have got here!

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in response to the question you withdrew, these are the 3 that have been chosen for the polls for photo of the year because these are the 3 out of all of the photos that are the best. Therefore one of this become photo of the year

Alright I see, sorry about that 😬😅

Are these all your photos? I’m slightly confused as to what this is.

This is a collection of photos, all taken in 2020 and one from each category will be put in the 2020- year in review topic which is basically a bunch of highlights from the entire year. This is the 2nd part which showcases which of the pictures the IFC likes the best🙂

btw 3 pictures were carefully chosen for each category to be the rarest catch for example

You didn’t answer the question. Are these YOUR photos?

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affirmative , all of these are MY photos (all of which are taken in 2020 at somepoint)

just to clear this topic up

—> this is a vote for which photos are going to appear on the 2020 - year in review topic which will be created on Christmas Eve (December 24th). These photos will appear as the rarest catch , best photo of the year and nicest looking plane out of the 3 photos that have been carefully chosen out of my photography catalogue

—> This are all MY photos taken at some point in 2020. This were only taken at airports when the coronavirus lockdown was eased enough.

Oh I thought it was a comp of the IFC best shots…

I’m finding it difficult to understand how you can hold an election when you’re the only one running 😂

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the pictures are running 😜😜

All 787’s, nice 👍

So this is a comp between yourself and… yourself?


nope it is a comparison to see which is the best out of the 3 pictures

Well yes, if they are all your photos, it’s your photos (your photos) against your photos (also your photos).

Man some of you cannot read 😂

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