2020 Navigraph FlightSim Community Survey



Done dear Misha.

our tombstones look the same lol

What will navigraph do with the data of the survey? Is it just for FYI? I hope they see a huge preference to link navigraph with IF.

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Had some time on my hands. so I did it. Excited for the results

I finished the survey it only took me 10 min and I liked it

Right… I totally didn’t do that.

😂😂😂 I gave up at some point
Quite long


I can’t wait to see this integrated into Infinite Flight. Why was the survey so long though?


Thank you!! I also noticed that I’m back in grade 3 now for Infinite flight!! Thank you guys for helping me with that :)

I will be filling out the form now :)



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I really hope that this incentivises Navigraph to work with Infinite Flight. Having Navigraph Charts in-game would be so cool.


This is not a yes or no question. So I guess we don’t know the outcome of that.

done and done !!

it took me 16 min approx it was long

Imma do this

To me took half an hour

Finished this yesterday it was pretty average but I got over it less than 35 minutes

Thanks all!