2020 Look Back

Good Evening Community,

Have not posted any pictures recently, so thought I would share a handful of favorites as we end the year.
I Apologize for the lack of variety of aircraft with this post lately i been finding myself flying the 777,787,350,380,747 on longer routes.

Its been a sad year for aviation with retirement of flag ship 747s from many fleets and even some airlines retiring A380s.
Covid 19 has taken its toll not only on aviation but many families around the world so I wish everyone a safe and Merry Xmas.
I look forward to continuing to fly with you all next year and continuing to capture many more Infinite Flight pictures in 2021.

I thank @infiniteflight for their continued hard work with updates and look forward to flying 757/A330 updates when they hit our skies.

All flights conducted on expert server.

1. Dreamliner Special, Pushed and ready to Taxi QF787 with ANZ787 Departing in back ground.

2. One of my Favorite angles

3.Cockpit Chronicles -Taxiing for departure Dubai International EK77W , With another EK77W on Final.

4.QF2906 Traditionally operated in the past by 747-400, However since retirement the flight will be conducted by the 787 Dreamliner.
Perth - Antarctica Scenic Flight

5.Busy Changi International in Singapore recently during active IFATC Operations.

6. An Approach that needs no introduction Cathay 747-400 Checkerboard turn Kai Tak Hong Kong.

7. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol [EHAM] KLM 350 LINE UP AND WAIT)

8. Departing New Zealand during a busy Auckland international recent FNF.

9. VF-32 F-14s nicknamed the “Fighting Swordsmen” conducting military operations.

10. American pushed and ready for taxi busy LAX during active ATC Operations.

Goodbye Qantas & British Airways 747

Thank you For viewing.


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Wow! All amazing shots!

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Very nice shots!

Nice floating A380 in the background 😂


Amazing shots as usual!!! Its been a nice year in IF!

Am I part of the squad in shot 9 btw xd

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🙏 thanks mate

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It’s an optical illusion , it’s not floating haha 😛 And thanks

Amazing Collection of pics Bro! Keep up the great work Scott!

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🙏 thanks @9to5Gamer … also @VR-DOM yes you are 😜