2020 iPad Pro 11”

If anyone has the 2020 iPad Pro 11”, how is it for IF? Does it run everything on max settings with the A12Z bionic?

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I don’t have that particular IPad but I have the IPad Air 3 and it works amazing on max settings so I don’t think a 2020 iPad Pro will have any problems running on max settings.

Yes I believe with the new chip players can use max graphics at 60fps with no or little issues.

Check out this thread for device information and recommended settings 🙂

Hi buddy,

Aside from checking the linked thread, I personally own this iPad (2020 11") and can say it has been running flawlessly since the day I got it. Max graphics are easily doable at 60FPS, however it’s worth noting the back of the iPad can become extremely hot. Dropping the rendering resolution to medium reduces this heat significantly without having too much impact on visual quality.
Would recommend :)

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I have the 12.9 inch 2020 iPad Pro, and everything runs very smoothly at max settings. However, I notice when I turn 60 fps, I don’t notice a significant difference, and the iPad does heat up a bit. However, it is perfectly fine with everything else. There shouldn’t be a difference between the 12.9 inch and the 11 inch since they use the same chipset.

So when you turn on 60 FPS it looks like 30 FPS?

Pretty much. If you look very closely, you might notice a slight difference, but I don’t switch it on because it makes the iPad hot. In fact IF has a warning about devices overheating when 60 fps is turned on

I have a 12.9 inch 2020 iPad Pro. I would said it runs pretty smoothly compared to running on my ip11 pro max but expect you have to connect to charger all the time or the iPad because even I am charging the iPad all the time but the battery percentage are remaining the same after my 10 hours flight

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