2020 Expos & Events

ohmahganache you know I’ll be there! 🤩

@Ecoops123 might come too 🧐😉

Mom, I’m famous! :O

Always worth it to go. I know many of you want meetups close to your homes, but that’s not always possible to organize. Making the effort to get out and travel is incredibly rewarding.


There’s nothing stopping you from organizing a meetup yourself 🙂

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Should’ve done it last year when I was in Toronto. 😆

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If only I lived closer. :-) It would be fun.

/Infinite Flight Fan Group.

I can’t wait to make another appearance! Looking forward to it.

Can’t wait to come hang with y’all at Oshkosh

Starting to plan for a flight into Oshkosh 2020. I can’ t wait to see the IF LLC team there. : )

My hometown! Sadly I can’t go due to personal issues in life :/

In my town… Las Vegas once again!


When will it be in Europe? Otherwise I can’t come 🙁

Dang can’t come. Ah well, I think it’s great how interactive the whole team is with us! Keep it up 👍

I likely won’t come to either one, but cool to know. And I hope to hear some great things about the events via the IFC.

Please do one in toronto,canada please

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Yes this sounds very interesting, it would be good for us to meet each other in the forum. We all see the different aircraft and call signs as we fly this would put those to a face. We can get the latest updates and get ideas from everyone. Also I noticed the staff has some nice T- shirts on are those available for purchase and maybe hats also.

That would be a great place to meet!

Looking forward to seeing & meeting y’all again! 💪🕺


I don’t know

Happy to say that I’m attending the next FlightSimExpo!

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What a great video! I hope to be able to see more people from the community this year!

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