2020 Expos & Events

They are rather convenient for me. I like to meet up in UK so we are not so centred in America.

Hey! 😠

There’s a large community in Europe that travel to London to meetup, America is a lot more widespread, making it difficult to find a single location that would actually make a profit or a profitable experience for others. #Business

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I think we’ve had enough European and American meetups. Have we had a single on in Asia? It seems as if that part of the World is being left out.

At the same time we’ve also got to look at where staff are and where they can travel for what money. Asia isnt a covered area, and plus given the current situation I’m sure that people would be put off travelling or meeting up in Asia, if not the world at this rate.

Hopefully will be attending OshKosh this year and might stop by you guys

Ughfhfhfhfhfhdmaksihwhdueubduehdufbdud… Rant over I sadly won’t be able to make it this year due to low funds however… I bet it will be fun flashback to last

I hop everyone who goes has a great time hopefully I can go next year…

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I wish we could go everywhere. Sadly that’s not cost-effective for us. As a side note, I don’t think the people that meet us at these events have had enough ;)


Haha you’ve got a point. Well, one day… One day.

Dang I’ll be in Las Vegas I day before it starts.

@jasonrosewell hopefully see you guys again at Oshkosh!


The article is unreachable for me… Error 404 when I click on it

I shall be there!


Very close to booking for Vegas. Just waiting for the price to be right. 😁

Does anybody else have the same issue ? :(

I hope so, Dean! Drinks this time 🍺


You guys need to have meet-ups at the NBAA in Orlando smh

a lot of people think it’s basketball. it’s not

wahhhh still no Toronto meetups 😭

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smh? There are many many aviation events in the world. We select a few that fit our budget and objective. We’re not driving a ton of sales at these things like some exhibitors, and that’s not the point 🙂

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I don’t think I’ll be able to come 😞

I might host a Toronto meet up this summer! Not sure yet but stay tuned.