2020 Expos & Events

Blog article by Jason Rosewell

Part of investing in the aviation and flight simulation community means that sometimes we should all be in one place. At Infinite Flight we put a high value on this and 2020 will be no different! This is the place to get all of the details on where and when you can meet up with us on the road.

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Thanks! Can’t wait. Love to meet up with people in this community as it gives it more purpose. Hope Cosford comes along into the planning.

First reply lol


Oof. Neither I can attend so far. I hope for some UK events! So I can see all of you!

Including Marc.


Expose? What?! 😮


This was incredible!

I’m still praying for a NYC meetup. Perhaps the TWA hotel?


Fantastic video! We’re a great community and I hope that I get to meet many new people in person this year 🎉


The video was awesome, these events look like so much fun and seem to bring out the best in our amazing community. Just wish I was able to attend them…

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Me too! When you know you can make friends like I said it makes the trip all worth the while.


Agreed! Hope to see you at one of them @Ondrej, finally put a face to the the constant conversations 😂🙄

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Love this community. I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and catching up with old ones in Vegas. ♥️


I had a pinch of hope when I saw the Eiffel tower top, uncool.


Nice video! However I’m missing that weird German guy controlling in Lederhosen at Cosford haha


Awesome! Can’t wait for these - thanks Jason!

Nice! I think that one in Asia; preferably in Singapore should be held, for the asian part of the community! That would probably be the one I could actually go to since I travel here often.

Had a blast in Orlando in 2019 and Cosford in 2018. Amazing community!


Yes yes yes yes yes please please please please

Who’s that rather attractive blonde fella in one of those videos, eh? ;)

Meeting the community is such a powerful and fun thing to do in order to promote Infinite Flight, make new friends, and gain even more knowledge about aviation and the wider world!

Hoping to get out and about a bit this year too, and I’ll hopefully see some of you all on the road.


I noticed you lol. Saw you at Cosford but I was talking to Cam so I just forgot about everyone else. 😎

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Just watched the video. Misha jumping on Brighton beach… Good community meet up there… 🤷‍♂️😂🙄

I hope there can be one in Cosford and/or London this year! I’ll be more into it since I know the community a heck of a lot better than I did!

No more London meetups plskthx…