2020. Big. Drawing. Super. Jumbo. Showdown. Starts. Now

It’s Big. It’s Happening. IFC’s Biggest Drawing Competition. Compete for it all.


Welcome to #2020IFCDrawingComp. The Hardest Drawing Competition you will ever do. (Until next year’s)

It’s big. It’s happening. 20 People. One Grand Prize. Who will take the prize? Who knows.

Welcome to the 2020 IFC Drawing Competition. This will be one of the hardest Drawing Competitions you will ever face. With rounds as simple as a Cessna, to drawing the Qantas 747 Yam Dreaming Livery. Trust me, this will be the event that will make you want to win


This will be your greatest challenge. 20 Compeditors, 20 Rounds. 20 People with the chance to win a mystery prize.

You will either be placed on Team Alpha, or Team Sierra. Team Alpha will be leaded by @AlphaSeven, and Team Sierra will be leaded by Me :) until I pick a new leader. Team Leaders are in charge of helping people with tips on how to win.

The Bracket for this competition:


Round One, The Beginning Level.

This will be the open entry round. Anyone may submit, and the first 20 people will be counted.

Entries Close: 2019-11-30T00:00:00Z


This Week’s Challenge. Some may find easy, some may find hard. No matter what, it’s all up to you.



  • No Cheating
  • No Using Sketches/Drawing From Google
  • No using those Draw Apps that turn photos into sketches

Shouldn’t be too hard to follow these rules, no?

To all, a good luck. May the best artist win.

Prize: Mystery, but worth $.


Starting soon! This will be fun!l


I think I can join otherwise I will send a message


@Kirito_77 I think you should be the other team leader! 😉

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@AlphaSeven could I join your team?

@Gm2kmike20 Teams are assigned randomly.

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Oh ok then.

I will start drawing today

Would electronic drawing be allowed are is it just with pencil?

Doesn’t matter. Art is art.

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As a team leader, yes, he is competing

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Should I just PM you the drawing?

Ah,yes. I forgot to say.

Please PM me all entries!

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Whose team am I on?

@Gm2kmike20 didn’t you literally just ask the same question?

Let do this!

I already drew a AC 789, but then at a different angle…
Can I submit that one?

@Infinite_Qantas PM me it, I’ll say if it can or not.

The Table So Far. Highlighted Members are leaders.

I’m confused like always! Lol.
This is real art or IF art (in-game)?