2020 Airport Editing Stats

Hi there. You may not know, however, I have been working in the background with the Airport Editing Team since 2016. I thought I would give you an update on where we are with the project. We are currently 16% through editing all of the airports!


Specifically for the USA we are 11% through editing all of the airports


If you would like the full listing of airports and when they were completed the info is here:

Non-USA Airports: This list is typically updated weekly

USA Airports: Also typically updated weekly

I also have maps on Google Drive which I maintain with the same info.



This is Brilliant! Thanks for sharing this to the community @Kilt_McHaggis!

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2020 isn’t over yet, anything could happen. Maybe another 3000 airports will be added before January :)

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Only if we got another 500 Official Reviewers 🤪


Why must you insult me so?


So… the four airports I’ve done count for what? 0.0000001 percent? 😂

Wonderful idea, Kilt! I look forward to seeing 100% one day!

To be fair when we’re sending in hundreds of airports per month to be reviewed fully between 2, 3 people? It’s a bit of a ridiculous workload along with your personal lives and not a surprise to not hear a response for a period of time.

It just does seem a bit unbalanced to have a average ratio of 1 reviewer to every 82 editors.

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True, and we are not paid to do this… so be patient and kind and so be willing to wait. =)

TIL I need to visit the state of Maine some more.

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