2020 - A (very unusual!) spotting Year in Review


Hello members of the IFC,
It is now officially one week until the end of this year! Finally! So I thought i would show you what my best catches are this year! This was obviously my most difficult spotting year because of the entire coronavirus situation and since there are now two new mutant strains in my country so i might not get to be at the airports for much in 2021. So here we go…

The Big Top 5 - Overall Best Catches from 2020!

Number 5:

This is in Spot Number 5 becuase it is a nice looking livery and it also it quite rare since Etihad has only got one 787-10 painted in this livery. It took me about 2 months to get this livery and it happened on the last day of my school holidays so that was lucky!

Number 4:

This has made it to spot 4 because this is a 747-8 which is a very nice plane and it also sports the Korean Air livery. A combination of this is quite rare at Heathrow.

Number 3:

This has got itself to spot number 3 because this is my local airbase and the RC135 shown in this picture only deploys here once every 6 months so i had the intent of getting it especially with the optimum weather.

Number 2:

This is my very first Antonov 124 that i have seen. This catch took me a very long time to get (almost 3 YEARS!) so I was very glad to catch it. I only knew about this because i know a guy that knows a guy that lives near EMA and it was going to Leipzig so I was warned in advance that the flight plan was flying over my house.

Number ONE:

This was a very close one between the Volga-dnepr but this only just cut it because it is slightly more rare in the UK. Again , the guy that alerted me to the Volga dnepr also gave dibs on this one so i am very grateful for him.

2020 - Planespotting Awards Evening:
The IFC has also picked 3 photos as their:
Rarest Catch -

Best Photo of the year -
(was techinally voted 2nd because first place was atually taken in Oct 2019! My mistake!)
Nicest looking plane:

Thank you for all who voted in the awards evening election!
And to all reading , I wish you a very merry Christmas!


Some very cool pictures, especially the one of the Greenliner and some really rare and unique planes as well. Thanks for sharing!

Wow, I really love the angles tho ! My fav btw is the first picture , I really like this livery ^^ .

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