2019 Year In Review

This was a great year for Infinite Flight. V19.4 was the best of all so far; Developers have revolutionized the simulator with new features. As for GA aircraft, most users really prefer commercial aircraft, but GA lovers, like me, should be quite happy because we have great flight options. I just hope one day we can see Baron 58 or similar in the simulator because we don’t have a GA twin engine yet. Anyway, I congratulate the development team for their work, commitment, patience and attention to the community.


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Definitely agree.

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Cloudssssss!!! Great job team! Always exceeding expectations!!

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So there are more people going to the link of the article than giving likes to the post… hmmm

Lol. Y’all IF team did an amazing job!!!

This year in my opinion was one of the greatest years for Infinite Flight! I feel like this year was about quality and how on each update, the content gets better and better and better!! And now 2020 is coming closer as each minute passes and can see great things will happen.

Here's my toast for 2020 and the amazing decade to come!! Keep doing what you do and no matter how much complaints you get, you always push amazing content after amazing content. Just looking can show that we are on a roll. Keep going with your heads up high and don't give up, maybe take a small break and admire your incredible work.

And now for the Community. Let’s continue to be who we are as supporters of Infinite Flight. Let’s continue showing that we are friendly towards each other and grow the community. no matter the circumstances we are facing, know that there are people who care about us and will never let the flame die out.
Keep doing the amazing job you all do!!!

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IF is getting more and more exciting … that’s all i have to say.

As I read through the full article, I only look to think why I didn’t become part of this community at an earlier stage. As the years pass I hope to meet you all, as we all grow through our lives and careers, I hope to stay with Infinite Flight for many many years to come, as it has become such a large piece of my life I wouldn’t imagine leaving. This year and the next to come, will path the future of Infinite Flight. We will see many new features, many problems, many welcomes, and many farewells. We will see the 777 rise again, we will see clouds in the sky for the first time, and we will thank every. single. developer, moderator, staff, IFATC, IFAET, VA/VO, and every contributing member for they have done this year.

Thank you on leading us to a whole new world. This is for all of you! 🥂


Let me guess ATR 72 Family. 😂😂😂 Jk

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Oh my gosh clouds are coming! Thank you so much IF! Lets make 2020 another great year! 🥂 ☁️


I’m approaching my fourth year here in the community and I’ve just passed my fifth year of playing Infinite Flight and man… what a wild ride it’s been.

I still vividly remember the days when features like global flight, 3D virtual cockpits, clouds, various aircraft reworks, and modern aircraft additions like the 787 and A350 families were among the top requests. Before the forum, I also recall browsing through the endless feature requests on the old Infinite Flight website asking for much of the same things.

We now have most of these previous top requested features at our fingertips while others remain in the development pipeline. I would’ve never thought all of this would come to fruition in a (relatively) short timespan. The idea of flying around the world and having animated instruments in the cockpit seemed like a pipe dream, and honestly, impossible due to technical limitations at the time.

It’s been a great 5 years for Infinite Flight. I’m glad how much the simulator, the staff, and the community has flourished and I continue to look forward to other later developments! 🙂


Thanks team for all the work

Developers, thank you so much for this year, was great! That 2020 be a year of great progress for the IF, how this was. Happy Holidays for everyone!

This was my first year on Infinite Flight Community and IF Global, and I can say that I LOVED it. Thank you for making my first year great!


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It’s truly spectacular how far this flight simulator & its strong community have come since it’s launch. Every year the amazing Mods, Staff & Dev teams at infinite Flight continue to amaze us with all the great things you do! I think about how far Infinite Flight has come in this decade, I’m really looking forward to see what is ahead in the next!

Here’s to another amazing decade!

With all that has happened in Infinite Flight in the past decade, we’ve seen Infinite Flight develop from a small project to a big name in flight sim globally. I would like to sincerely thank the Infinite Flight team that has made Infinite Flight successful thus far while including the community in key decisions. Without this team, I don’t know what IF would be today.

Lastly, let’s enjoy 2019 while it lasts as we prepare for a new decade full of gifts for IF.

And before I forget…


It’s amazing and all but I’m tired of wasting 10 mins deciding whether to fly the G1000 or the steam gauges Cessna everytime

Could I get a link to that IF merch?

Very interesting read as always! Infinite Flight has been and will continue to be a leader in mobile flight simulation, and what was said in the post showcases this perfectly. Those stats are remarkable, especially the number of flights and flying hours.

The last year was indeed one of amazing advancements in Infinite Flight - both the C172 and A350 are outstanding additions to the sim, and over the past few years each aircraft update has continually packed more realism. Looking forward to what 2020 will have in store — clouds will be a very welcome and stunning addition I’m sure. Can’t wait! Also looking forward to when the 777 rolls out of the hanger. Finally have to say thanks for the recognition @jasonrosewell haha. Quite nice to have a surprise shoutout in an Infinite Flight blog post! Here’s to a great year ahead for Infinite Flight and the community!


@Jasonrosewell and FDS Staff, particularly @Laura & @philippe

“Its been a memorable long rewarding experience since I joined up with FDS back in the day when I could chat directly with the Developers. You and I have come a long way and I’m confident that 2020, my 79 year, will be be as fruitful, stimulating and exciting as IF “Continues the March” into the next millennium. BZ, “Do Good Work” All…
Warmest Regards, MaxSends.

FDS 2020 and Beyond !