2019 Year In Review

Thanks for this amazing year that has changed the IF experience.

I am very happy to see that clouds is confirmed for next year ! (I just hope they will be realistic showed up in real time and real shape as possible ^^).

Keep the good work ! We love Infinite Flight and numbers spoken of themselves !


I honestly think that this is a a really quality post. When we look at Infinite Flight’s 2019, we see a lot of good things. Sure, there are some things that people wanted that didn’t make it into the app, but when we look at what we do have, it’s honestly just astounding. We see a lot of work go into this app, and the work (evidently) doesn’t go unnoticed. With the amount of flights skyrocketing, that’s a testament to how much people enjoy Infinite Flight.

In the post, we see new things coming to 2020. We know about the 777 Rework and are, undoubtedly, very eager for it. We see clouds, which, can I just say… YES! 😍 I’m greatly looking forward to clouds. That’s a game changer.

Thanks for everything you do Infinite Flight (even if people say it’s not enough). I’m looking forward to what 2020 has to bring!


Me: Adds note in article about 777 with new WIP image.

Comments: What about 777?


Honestly, expected something else from Jason? ;)


YES clouds for next year !!!

Happy new year 2020 developers

B777F will also be worked?


Boeing 777 incoming. Very excited!

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Remarkable to think how far we’ve evolved since the start of global and before that, the birth of the flight sim.

I’ve only had live for a year and the following things were updated or new in my first year:

737 rework
A-10 (?)
A320 family live cockpit
A330 soft rework + liveries
New 777 liveries
Reworked C172
New map
New UI

It’s extraordinary to believe everything in that list was added in roughly a year.

Many thanks to the developers, moderators for working around the clock to make this all happen. Without you, If will not be what it is now.

And to look in the future:

777 rework
Taxiway and taxiline lights.

Here’s to 2020 and a great decade 🎉🍻


Thanks for an AMAZING decade!

You guys really made this decade one for the books. A new developing standard for planes that rivals PC sims and the meetups we had were also part of what made the year special. Can’t wait for the clouds and 777!


Don’t forget the Soft-rework on the A330-family and the new liveries added to it. After high demand for it, I find it super kind and amazing of Laura deciding to push out a soft-rework for it, into Update 19.1. That was a real treat and a massive surprise which made many happy, and more people became aware and understanding of the fact that the Developers really do listen to costumer feedback and what they desire.


A well written summary of an adventurous year in Infinite Flight history. There were scenes and lines that made me sit there and cry. Or laugh. Or cheer. The plot was cleverly woven, with each scene leading toward a larger goal. The conclusion answered all the questions the story asked, and resolved the plot. It started and ended strong. 2019 Year In Review kept me spell bound, and I was compelled to keep reading. Each scene flowed smoothly from one to the next. I am blown away by the author’s ability to write such engaging, real-life, entertaining, phenomenal scenes. The writing style was consistent and used precise words so that exposition didn’t slow the pace. There were no typographical and grammar errors that I remember, and the cover design and page layout were beautiful. It was thrilling and captivating from beginning to end.


Ending of wonderful year 2019 .
Thank you for everything you all the staff plus controller and pilots and members for making the flying and the community better .

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This was a great year for Infinite Flight. V19.4 was the best of all so far; Developers have revolutionized the simulator with new features. As for GA aircraft, most users really prefer commercial aircraft, but GA lovers, like me, should be quite happy because we have great flight options. I just hope one day we can see Baron 58 or similar in the simulator because we don’t have a GA twin engine yet. Anyway, I congratulate the development team for their work, commitment, patience and attention to the community.


Jeez I should get you to write my English essays 😂😂😂


Definitely agree.

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Cloudssssss!!! Great job team! Always exceeding expectations!!

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So there are more people going to the link of the article than giving likes to the post… hmmm

Lol. Y’all IF team did an amazing job!!!

This year in my opinion was one of the greatest years for Infinite Flight! I feel like this year was about quality and how on each update, the content gets better and better and better!! And now 2020 is coming closer as each minute passes and can see great things will happen.

Here's my toast for 2020 and the amazing decade to come!! Keep doing what you do and no matter how much complaints you get, you always push amazing content after amazing content. Just looking can show that we are on a roll. Keep going with your heads up high and don't give up, maybe take a small break and admire your incredible work.

And now for the Community. Let’s continue to be who we are as supporters of Infinite Flight. Let’s continue showing that we are friendly towards each other and grow the community. no matter the circumstances we are facing, know that there are people who care about us and will never let the flame die out.
Keep doing the amazing job you all do!!!

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IF is getting more and more exciting … that’s all i have to say.

As I read through the full article, I only look to think why I didn’t become part of this community at an earlier stage. As the years pass I hope to meet you all, as we all grow through our lives and careers, I hope to stay with Infinite Flight for many many years to come, as it has become such a large piece of my life I wouldn’t imagine leaving. This year and the next to come, will path the future of Infinite Flight. We will see many new features, many problems, many welcomes, and many farewells. We will see the 777 rise again, we will see clouds in the sky for the first time, and we will thank every. single. developer, moderator, staff, IFATC, IFAET, VA/VO, and every contributing member for they have done this year.

Thank you on leading us to a whole new world. This is for all of you! 🥂


Let me guess ATR 72 Family. 😂😂😂 Jk

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