2019 United Express CRJ-200

Wow I love the Evo blue livery

Let’s keep getting this more votes so we can fly realistically with the United CRJ2

yess we need this livery

Much needed for shorter routes but I can’t since all we have is the old livery

Keeping this alive again

With a Denver event coming up in a month this would be awesome to have to fly to many of the destinations offered!

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It just crossed my mind about creating a feature request for this livery. Someone beat me to it!!!


Let’s get this in game‼️

Bumping this topic

we rlly need this i use the old crj 2 united express livery all the time and it gets annoying

Bumping United again. A lot of possible routes into Wyoming from Denver with this one!

please im crying i hate using the old old livery

Still need this desperately!! 😭


Would be great to have to fly from SFO to SBD, FAT, MRY, ACV, etc.

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Voted! Very needed livery!

We need this, I’ve seen a lot of them at Denver before


Yess pls vote!!

Bumping this one!

Still waiting for this to be added!!

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Yes we need more liveries for Crjs especially for United. We really need a live Cockpit instrument for Crjs family