2019 summer spotting

Hola, hello, bonjour, hallo, g’day
Last summer (almost a year ago🤯) I went spotting at Amsterdam runway 36L (Polderbaan).
Sadly I don’t have a spotting camera so I used my phone :D.

(Deeply sorry for low quality, I really should get a spotting camera)

I also went Terminal spotting in Barcelona, it was very fun. I even saw El Al 747

(Again, sorry for bad quality…)

Annnnnd, we’re back in Amsterdam.

(Rip FlyBe)

Equipment: Samsung Galaxy J3 (my phone)
Locations: Amsterdam Polderbaan, Barcelona Terminal 1 and a Vueling a320

Thanks for viewing :)
Enjoy your day, and sorry for poor quality :(


Pretty great shots for just a Phone!

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Nice Pictures!

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Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing! That Brussels Airline 320 caught my eye, I have a poster of it in my room


Nice Photos!

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Thanks, tried my best😅
@Rian_OShea that’s a beautiful poster🤩


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