2019 Spotting Rewind | Best of 2019!

As 2k19 comes to an end I wanted to share my best shots from 2019!
As I reflect back on this year, I look back on how much i have improved as a photographer. Let me share my story. It’s April 23rd I’m sitting in a hotel in DC with my friends on my 8th Grade DC trip. Its late a night there. I call my dad and he told me that I was going to NYC with my aunt on June 17th through June 21st. I was really excited because I wanted to go plane spotting for the first time with a DSLR camera. I never had asked to go before because i was so busy. So it’s June 17th I arrive at LaGaurdia’s new terminal from Denver on Southwest. I originally wanted to go to Planesview park but that runway wasn’t being used so I couldn’t go there. So we went to this park out by Runway 22 at LGA and used the camera for the first time and went spotting for the first time! That’s how it all started! This year I self taught myself to use a camera! My Highlight of the year was DEN4TB with @Speedbird5280 and @Joseph_Krol and other people such as Dante who flew out from PHX to the meetup. This has been an amazing year and I can’t wait for 2020!!

Let’s start our rewind!!

United 737-800 taxing to 13 at LGA heading to DEN

Southwest 737-700 blasting out of soggy LGA

A rare Kaiser Air 737-500 heading to BUR

Kalitta Air 747-400BCF landing at ORD

Fedex 757 taxing at DEN with a UA A320 right behind it @ DEN4TB

Southwest 737-700 taking off during golden hour

United 787-9 dreamliner doing a Rare 25 takeoff heading to FRA

Kalitta Air 747-400BCF taxing to the Ramp

BA 747-400 on Final arriving from LHR

A contrasty Southwest 737-800 landing at DEN

Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel t4i 75-300mm lens

Thanks for viewing!!! Here’s to 2020!! If anyone can name the song where “lets start our rewind” is from. I’ll give them a cookie


Jeez, you got great technique. Absolutely love all your shots, especially that crisp SWA 737-700 in photo 6!

Amazing pictures! Love to see people in Denver enjoying aviation.

That’s hot… 😉🔥

These pictures are amazing! It’s great to see how much your pictures have improved since your first time spotting at LaGuardia. Please continue taking these wonderful photos!

Amazing shots! Really liked these!


Amazing photos! Can’t wait to see more of your work in 2020!

Thank you so much!!!

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Beautiful pictures!

But, I think that behind the FedEx 757 is a UA A320 😉

Those photo are 🔥🔥.

Great job.👌

just the word in my mouth is WoW !!!

Omg thank you. I thought it was couldn’t tell

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Love the first picture so much, I decided to use it as my profile picture.

Looks like you had a really great year!

I can tell! Makes my day that someone is using one of my pictures!

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Thanks everyone for your input!!


Anytime ;)

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Stop the lies, these have to be CHI or something, it’s not possible to have such great photos in the rain. Clouds and rain are normally bad for spotting, somehow, you made it work! Awesome job!

I saved a few to my device, I’ll PM you if I use them.

Thanks!!! I honestly don’t know how they turned out that good to be honest.

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