2019 Spotting: A year of growth

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As the year winds down, it seems like a bunch of our spotters have done this and it seems like I’m joining in. I picked up a dusty T6i camera bag about a year ago to pursue some spotting. I started off with essentially zero knowledge in photography. Through self learning and curiosity, I’ve improved so much through the span of a year and the bulk of it in 2019. Looking back at the earlier topics, it’s hilarious to see how bad they were. Here are my top photos of the last year of the decade!

Shanghai Airlines B738 @RJGG

We begin in Nagoya where I go every year. First time I spotted in Nagoya and I caught some airlines you would only see in East Asia; Shanghai Airlines is one of them. Rare wingless B738 (B-5140) which I was quite happy to catch.

Cathay Pacific A35K @RJGG

I consider myself lucky as CX sends a good amount of different aircraft from VHHH. It happened to be a beautiful new A35K which was the first I’ve ever seen. At that time CX was one of two airlines operating a A35K.

American Airlines A332 Departure @ KCLT

We now head back to my home base where I do most of my spotting. CLT can get quite boring but not when 36 is being used during the afternoon. You get awesome departing shots of aircraft on 36C like this A332. I’m not the biggest fan of zoomed in shots but this one came out really nice for me.

Asiana A333 @RJTT

I did not expect to be at Haneda this year but that was the way we went to Japan this year. I really like Asiana’s livery and the bright green grass Haneda has. I wish I known more about shutter and aperture that time as it would have been a lot more crisp. Regardless of that, I still love this one.

American Airlines B752 @KCLT

The slowly fading 752 is always an awesome shot especially in the AA livery as I rarely see them anymore. N203UW has seen nearly 2 decades of flying at 19.6 yrs. Love the clouds in this one.


My fav airline+ aircraft in one shot. Don’t need to say anything else

Lufthansa A359 @RJTT

Yes I know this is backlit. Chill. Lufty A359s are just studs to catch. I did not expect to catch my first Lufty A359 in Tokyo instead of Charlotte. This one thing I need to work on: quit spoiling great photos with backlit shots.

American Airlines Astrojet Livery @KCLT

I have some considerable bad luck when it comes to catching special liveries. Pretty happy to catch the shiny Astrojet livery rolling out on 18C. Even better, the Charlotte skyline 😍

American Airlines A332 @KCLT

Beautiful AA A332 about to roar off to Europe. The skyline is a wonderful spot but these forest and tanks to the back makes a pretty nice background too.

Air Canada E175 @KCLT

It isn’t the best pan but I’m very happy the way it turned out. I absolutely suck at pans and this was the only one I deemed worthy this year. Really hope I can take more pans and improve on them.

To the next decade!

Those were some of the shots I liked the best from 2019 and it was quite hard to choose some of them. I’m so happy that I can take and edit these shots after starting from step 1 a year ago. Hopefully I can escape Charlotte and catch some new stuff in ATL or BOS next year. Also, I need to stop being lazy and actually convert the JP worthy photos to JPG and the size limit so I can upload. I probably have like 15 that have a shot.

Here are all of my 2019 spotting topics. You can really see the improvement between the start and end.

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Amazing good quality photos!

Those are fantastic! My favorite is the Air Canada E175!

Great photos! I really like the American 757 and the Lufthansa A350.

The American A330 is awesome!

These are so crisp 🤤 great work!


Love the AC E175

You’ve definitely improved!! I like it!! Keep up the good work! This sounds just like how I got Spotting. Didn’t know a single thing about photography until June.

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Great shots! Love the Air Canada E175.

Thanks for the kind words! Glad the E175 is a popular favorite

Good stuff, nice to know similar stories


Those pics are 🔥🔥🔥. Love them 🥵

These are amazing, Love the ones from CLT, especially the Astrojet one. And the American A330, that’s great! I can really see the improvements you’ve made this year, awesome job!

All of these shots are amazing, but you know which one is gonna be my favourite :) @Vinne

I dont know about you, but I think that 737 still has wings, or it really cant fly…


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