2019 Navigraph Flight Sim Survey

Hi Folks!

The Navigraph team has issued its 2019 Flight Sim Community Survey! This survey is an important initiative that helps shape the future of flight simulation and Infinite Flight has a presence this year! We see this as just the beginning of mobile simulation being included. Having said that, there are some questions related to community forums and online networks that don’t have Infinite Flight as an option.

I’m encouraging our dedicated community members (you!) to take the survey and add the Infinite Flight Forum and our online network in the appropriate “other” boxes when possible. We realize that while you may be part of our online community, Infinite Flight may not be your primary simulator and that’s okay! Answer honestly and be aware that this will take a good 10-20 minutes to complete.

Thanks for your time!


Well since you asked, i’ll always help out a fellow Canadian 🙂👍

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Finished the survey. Made sure to tick two very important options:


I saw that too and was like “I want to know who put that in there 😂”

That was such a long survey 🤓😪


Yeah, took me quite a decent amount of time to complete… but as long as it’s for “the greater good” I’m fine with spending a bit of time on it ;)

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Completed. I enjoyed it, but they are definitely missing some options for our beloved Infinite Flight. So curious to see the results.

Completed the survey. Some repetitive questions in there but all in all a good bunch of questions aimed at the mobile sim community. Also made sure they see IF, it’s network and this awesome forum was entered into my answers.

With regards,



Man that survey took forever…

Goes into a lot of detail though - made me think - even after being exhausted from multiple 3-on-1 fights in karate training…

Phew… 😅😅

Oh yeah…I saw that…I legit thought…

‘Why have I not got a Captain Sully bobblehead?’
Rethinks life choices…


Well that took forever but I did fill it out…

I am very happy and hope that infinite flight and navigraph have this partnership. It would be very interesting to fly and simlink.

Just completed it and wow, that was long.

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