2019 HAI HeliExpo Fly in Part 2

A Continuation from Part 1 (which is Day One) of HAI’s mass fly in! Day two brought us some surprises.

A 2006 Sikorsky S-76 owned and operated by EP Aviation (AKA Blackwater Private Military)

A 1980 Sikorsky UH-60A owned by Ace Aeronautics

A US Army UH-72 “Lukla” from the Georgia Army National Guard

A 2018 August-Westland/Leonardo AW169, owned by August-Westland

A 1982 UH-60A “Blackhawk” owned by Rogerson Krato Market

A 2013 Sikorsky S-76D owned by Sikorsky Helicopters

A 2007 Airbus EC-130 B4 owned by EuroTech Vertical Soluations

A 2017 McDonald Douglas MD369FF “Little Bird”

A 2001 Bell 427 owned by Full Services

A 2014 Robinson R-22

A US Army UH-1 “Huey”

A US Army AH-1 “Cobra”

The surprise we all didn’t expect, Coluson Aviation’s newest airtanker, a Boeing CH-47D “Chinook”

A 2013 Robinson R-44


I’m not supposed to like Helicopters… But 😍


It’s okay to like helicopters


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