2019 HAI HeliExpo Fly in Part 1

Helicopter Association International (HAI)'s HeliExpo 2019 fly ins have started off, HeliOps Magazine gives us these incredible pictures of the first group flying in! This year it is held in Atlanta Georgia. Enjoy these post from HeliOps!

A 2015 Airbus-Deutschland MBB-BK 117 C-2E used by the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta Georgia.

Next up is a 2018 Bell/Textron 505 “Long Ranger X” owned by Bell Helicopters

A 2013 Bell/Textron 429 owned by Georgia Department of Public Safety

A 1996 Bell 206B “Jet Ranger”
(If you’re over 6’0 you won’t enjoy flying these)

A 2018 Airbus EC-135 P2 operated by Metro Aviation

A 2018 Bell/Textron 505 “Long Ranger X” Operated by Omni American

A 2012 Bell/Textron 429, owned by Bell Helicopters.

A 2016 Enstrom 450B owned by Vertivue

A 2018 Airbus H125 (AIrbus AS350B3) owned Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

A 2018 August-Westland AW-119 owned by Kinetica Energy


That first picture of the Airbus helicopter looks so awesome.

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It does, it’s actually really cool!

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Yeah I love them. That’s what our police choppers and Air Ambulances are. Great sights to spot!!

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It is! Next year I’ll be able to attend HAI HeliExpo!

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