2019 Fire Season Fleet Tracking Thread, 010519 update

As the first fires of 2019 get ready to start burning let’s see what this year holds In store for the US for the fleet.

Coulson over the winter added the CH-47 Chinook Helicopter to their fleet. Along with a new Paint Job, recently Tanker 134 received the new updated livery as well, T-134 spent its winter in Australia fighting fires down there also.

Neptune once again joins the season, they started their season early with he deployment of the BAe 145 to Arizona to support. They enter their 26th year fighting fires.

CO Fire Aviation will be back with their SEATs (Single Engine Air Tankers) using the Air Tractors again, they’re already deployed to fires in Colorado. This year they also add to their fleet a Robinson R44 Raven II


10 Tanker Air Carrier will also be back this year with their DC10s, over the winter they support fire fighters in Chile, they also made a media apperance when they did the opening fly over for NASCAR.

Erickson Inc will have their fleet of S-64/CH-54Bs again, along with their MD88, DC9s. After a skycrane in Australia this winter.


Those first 2 have an amazing paint job!


Agreed. Especially the Chinook.

The Coulson livery is fantastic 😍

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Someone make a feature request for that 130. Beaaaaauutiful.


It is an H Model ;)

I would love to see the C-130 in the game

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As in the Coulson C130?

Yes, I meant the Cookson one. That livery is awesome

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I wonder if the super tanker is coming back to KCOS again. Got to see it test water drops. It was like watching Niagara falls on the runway.


You possibly may!

Check out California’s fleet. We got some nice planes

You’re looking at some of Cali’s Fire fleet, Coulson will be basing Tanker 134 in Cali again! Erickson will also be deploying Cranes and their fixed wing jets there also.

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The SuperTanker is amazing! Beautiful bird, and serves such a great purpose.

Image Source


If you want a full list here is the official fleet

Old list, but thanks!

The U.S. Forest Service will have 13 large air tankers under exclusive use contracts for this year according to the latest information from the U.S. Forest Service as of April 12, 2019. They will be working under the Next Generation Air Tanker contracts, versions 1.0 and 2.0.

Currently six of them have been activated according to the estimated starting dates of the Mandatory Availability Periods (MAP). On April 17 a seventh will begin. The rest will come on between May 1 and May 29.

The 13 air tankers confirmed so far on exclusive use contracts for 2019 are:

  • 10 Tanker Air Carrier: 910 and 912 (DC-10)
  • Coulson: 131 (C-130Q)
  • Aero Air: 101 and 107, (MD-87)
  • Aero Flite: 160, 161, 163, and 167 (RJ85)
  • Neptune: 01, 15, 16, and 40

All 13 are slated for 160 MAP days but could be extended if necessary.

Erickson has deployed their tankers, 103 and 107 on a brush fire!

Cal fire 3, a Huey also is involved

LA Co, N18LA is seen on the brush fire


Tanker 910 air carrier has started their season early deploying to the Flats in Arizona


California is doing an exercise. Not sure if any aircraft are involved.