2019 Blood Moons

I read something on the news about blood moons and “super wolf moons” that are supposed to be more common this year.

I am wondering if Infinite Flight has live star and planet placement, I see stars at night but never considered then to be accurate. Will a blood moon show up in Infinite Flight?


I know that all the stars are accurately placed, so if you really wanted to, you could navigate your way through a flight using only the stars. Not sure about the blood moon, but I would imagine no, since eclipses are not in the sim.

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The blood moon has shown up in Infinite Flight. Moon phases are accurate and realistic according to the developers. :)


I would really like to hear from a developer since there are conflicting answers. Is there a link that you could provide to a developer statement or a thread I may have missed?

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No direct quote from a developer, but it has been stated many times on various interviews i.e. FlightCast.

Edit: Found one.

If you search “blood moon” or “super moon” on the forum, you’ll find pictures people have taken in IF of them.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes as well if that helps.


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