2018: The Year in Review


I actually don’t think I have. But then again, I don’t pay attention to who likes my posts soo…


I can bet some people are scared of you lol
When I first joined I was like
“Why is this weird guy who runs after balloons liking what I say”


That’s about 2.5 times the number of “likes” I’ve given out All Time. 😂


If you look at the likes given out “All Time”, then you’ll find @George at the top with 28k+, but that’s over the course of 3 years while BalloonBoi here has given out half of that in only 1 year, which means that… it means… well… how does he not run out of likes more often? 😂


I am not expert how Discourse work. Can someone tell me how this work?


Number of days you’ve been on the forum since the beginning of 2018. ( correct me if I’m wrong )


That is visits, not viewed.


That’s how many times other users have viewed your profile I believe.


Hmm, I don’t know. I have around 1375 viewed right now and I remember that I had 1,000 view last month. (This is in one week, Jan 4 to Jan 11.)


Weird because most of use are stuck at 7 or under.


This is why I crack out the alcohol-free champagne whenever I get a like from a mod (especially you)

Gotta keep it PG


Because of the time duration, and it’s not all time. It’s in PAST 7 days.


I’m debating on whether or not I should like your response because I actually did chuckle. 😂


Dang it, no Lud Bight alcohol free beer? (Bud light is already alcohol free it’s just watered down soda)


Okay, we gotta keep stay out of off-topic. And now, can everyone still explain the one I posted above?


#7 in most reading time. lol


The real question is, is there somebody you would down a Rocona Light (on sugar) if they liked your posts/topic?


Amazing job @Balloonchaser for being one of the Top Users in nearly every category!


If you are on a desktop and hover over the labels it explains them.

  • Likes received
  • Likes given
  • Topics Created
  • Replies Created
  • Topics Viewed
  • Posts Read
  • Days Visited

This is all per the time period selected.


There, that what I am trying to find. Thanks @Chris_S.