2018: The Year in Review


I’m proud to have been part of a diverse community of like-minded people. I dedicate a lot of my time to the forum to engage in the conversations going around, sharing, teaching and helping others, and I am proud to have made it on the list. Here’s to another awesome year of IFC awesomeness. 👍🏻


This is new… and Cool…


Everyone is probably starting to read every topic spam like all the posts on it and reply to everything they can


@WestJet737767 not that kind of party silly :P


Frankly I didn’t know I did that much…

heres to 6k in 2019…


I’m surprised I didn’t make it up on any but not the end of the world can’t wait to see what this year brings us 🙌🏻


Well everyone in my avgeek google hangouts is pretty much doing that

Also, to add, levet, we are Canadians, we party respectfully

We are sorry for each other that none of us got on the list.

We are chugging maple syrup in sorrow.

We are apologizing to the trees for drinking their blood.

We then play the board game, Sorry.

We again apologize to the trees for using their skin as an entertainment source.



Looks like Cameron added the yearly review plugin as it doesnt ship with core…

Nice addition to the forum, Cameron!


Alright game on everyone😤 Don’t sleep on Joseph007 😈


Good first year for myself. Glad to have found this community!


Surprised I got on here! I am glad I got the “Crazy in Love” badge. Nice!


Pretty neat stuff here. Only got one mention but no complaints for my first year here!


Yes but without Cameron manually installing the plugin, we wouldn’t be enjoying it until Discourse decided to ship it with core in a future update.


@Dylan_M we did it!


Okay, i don’t want to throw dear Cam under the bus… Oh right, yes i do.
He didn’t install it ;)


I find it interesting I got exactly 7k likes…


So then you installed it? Based off of staff activity on Discourse Meta you’re the only other logical explanation of how it came to be…


Nope, none of us did actually :)


Okay, this one was the least surprising of them all:


Is there anyone on this forums who have not received a like from @Balloonchaser? :)


It’s called being Kind ;)