2018: The Year in Review


Oh hey! Didn’t think I’d make it on here! This is very cool to see these stats!


That explaines my “read time”.


Same here bro 🤙, happy 2019 to you to 😉


I saw this in my email and said “what’s this?” I didn’t think I’d make 93 topics last year.

This is a great community, glad to be a part of it :)


You read too much, and I don’t shut up. 😂


@anon93248082 Congrats, I guess you’re a pretty “likable” guys. ah ha, see what I did there. : )

Amazing support given to the IFC on everyones part


You can also check out the overall top users of the year here:



K well I might as well go ALT F4 on the Device Compatibility Thread because apparently nobody likes it 🙄


Hey, I might not have made anything this year except for being one of the 48 users who visited every single day but that does not matter. What matters most is that we, through simply being active, are setting an example to others to submerge themselves in this fantastic community. Let’s hope that this year will bring forth more users to rise to the top!


I am shocked that “Cloud Layers” was the most read considering the insurmountable of folks who beg for the A330 and A350.


That is a plugin you used?


Oh, this probably explains why my topic was opened by system again 💁‍♂️ Or could I be wrong…


That makes me wonder… 😂


Wow, this is really cool!


I’m glad to say I got the “Crazy In Love” badge even if it’s a pretty minor thing. Congrats to everyone on the leaderboards and to all of the topics! :)


I have a general question,

I run a discourse community, is this a plug in, or is it a default feature of the community?

I’m curious because I have yet to update my community since October of 2018

Sorry if this is off topic, I’m just curious


It is pretty cool, I’d like to know myself.


Oh wow! I didn’t realize how popular my “Drag and Taxi” request was. Thanks everyone. 2018 was a pretty outstanding year for infinite flight ♾! Can’t wait for more in 2019!!




Congratulations everyone, glad to see another great year! Let’s go 2019 🎉